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Born in a small town in the Republic of Georgia close to the border with Abkhazia Tatiana Shamratova’s early childhood was interrupted by war. As bombs fell on her home town, she and her sister were evacuated by boat to Sochi, Russia. At the end of the war, the sisters returned to their mother and home town now in ruins and part of Abkhazia rather than Georgia. 

Growing up, Tatiana also always has a great passion for Arts and Crafts. She enrolled in Art School in Abkhazia, completed several modelling courses and participated in Russian fashion shows. Upon graduation, she accepted the invitation to model during the Euro-Asian Fashion week in Russia where her charm and unique looks quickly made her the favourite choice of Russian designers. Subsequently, she was invited to participate in the largest Russian International Beauty contest where out of 500 pre-selected participants she was voted the audience’s favourite and placed in the final top four contestant. This achievement led to invitations to work for top modelling agencies.

Tatiana was signed by Model1, Europe’s leading Modelling Agency and moved to London marking the start of ten-year international career representing world-class designers and working with top photographers in Milan, Paris, Hamburg, New-York, Hong-Kong and Tokyo.

Capacity to emit charm, sophistication, elegance and in depth understanding of make-up, fashion, artistic movement, styling, creativity,  and excellent communication and cross-culture awareness.

 In spite of loss, upheaval and trauma, Tatiana grew up healthy and strong understanding the true value of friendship, family and education as well as the importance of believing in oneself and having big dreams.

Tatiana Shamratova
Tatiana Shamratova